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Real Estate - Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a professional photographer for Real Estate?

  •  Statistics show that having professional looking photos on your listings can increase over all sale        performance in both listing time and price.  A picture is worth a thousand words and maybe even a $1000.00.  Most real estate customers rank good photography as a high priority in deciding which properties they consider, view, and ultimately purchase.

What kinds of properties do you shoot?

  • Most of our sessions are rural properties with acreage.  Our preferred properties are those with houses or buildings of at least 1,000 square feet.  Houses with less square footage are difficult to produce quality images for simply due to the typical room sizes found in such properties.  They almost always require extra time and editing to produce and sometimes require special lenses.  

Do you offer packages?

  • Yes we do.  We have standard packages that work for most situations and we can also customize one to fit exactly what you need.   We also offer many add-on options so that you and your client get exactly what you need.  Contact us today!

Many real estate photographers outsource their image production to other businesses; many of which are overseas. Do you outsource any of your work?

  • No, as a general rule we do not.  From camera to final product we do all of our work inhouse. This ensures that the images we produce always meet our expectations for quality.  We may occasionally subcontract a photographer, but they are known and trusted to produce images that meet our standards.  Every image produced through our business is viewed by us prior to being presented to you for approval.

How do you deliver your images?

  • We offer an online private viewing of produced images that you get to go through and choose your favorites from.  Once images are completed and posted to the folder, we will give you the access password to view them.  You can then approve and choose your images and we can send them to you either through an online file share by email or if you prefer, we can send them in a digital format on a jump drive via a delivery service.  If you are local, we can drop it by your office.

What file format do you send the images in?

  • Typically we crop the image to a 4:3 ratio (1024 ppi x 768 ppi) to better accommodate for MLS settings.

  • Images are usually produced in .jpeg format to keep file sizes reasonable and facilitate most online uses. We can produce most other file types (.png, .tiff, etc)

  • Images are always produced at high resolution (300) unless otherwise requested

  • Images are most often produced in RGB or sRGB typically needed for online use but can be produced in other color formats for print use by request.

  • Videos are typically produced as .MOV files.

  • Need something specially formatted; please just ask and we can try to accommodate.

Once I purchase my real estate images, what can I use them for?

  • Once paid for, the images are yours to do with as you wish.  While we retain the rights to the image(s) as the photographer, we also release them to you for your use for print, social media, online advertising, or whatever use you wish to use them for.  We consider the images you purchase to be your images and do not utilize them unless you authorize such.  This protects your privacy as well as your client's. 

What happens if I don't like the images?

  • Our priority is to produce the best image(s) for your properties.  Though it is very rare, we do offer a reshoot at no cost should you not be satisfied.  

If I still don't like the images, can I get a refund?

  • In simple terms, yes.  We strive to produce quality products for our clients.  We do however, understand that not every image meets every expectation for every client.  Which is why we set up the processes for approval that we have. We do require a deposit for every session that is non-refundable. If you are not satisfied with our services and ultimately want a refund; we will do so with the exception of the deposit as long as you have not used, uploaded, produced, posted or shared any of the images on any online/digital platform or in print.  We will not issue a refund for images that have already been used publicly for any reason.

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